Hunting dove in La Gaviota Lodge

The dove and pigeon season lasts almost all year and this jeans that there are no restrictions in terms of the numbers that can be hunted.

More than a thousand cartridges can be used between a morning and an evening, with the promise, which exceeds the expectations of any hunter.

Dove and pigeon shooting has its peculiarities and is different to that of duck and partridge. In general, it is carried out with the shooter positioned behind some coppice, but it can be done in the middle of a field using movable blinds especially designed for the purpose.

The shooting takes place in the mornings when the birds leave the fields to feed as well as in the evenings when they return to their roots. At these moments of the day, the skies are completely obscured by thousands and thousands of birds in flight, thus creating the best opportunities for the hunters.

Recommended: 20-bore shotgun.

Season: January to September