Hunting duck

This type of shooting is more regulated than that of dove and pigeon and the quotas depend on the variety of duck to be hunted (although the average bag is 25 ducks per hunter). Furthermore, the climatic conditions, such as the rains during the months prior to the season, mean that the quantity of game […]

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Hunting perdiz

The perdiz season in Uruguay is the shortest as it only runs from May to July. However it forms part of the high season because it is possible to hunt duck and pigeon as well as perdiz. This is what is technically known as a mixed bag. The ideal moments to hunt perdiz in Uruguay […]

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Hunting dove and pigeon

The dove and pigeon season lasts almost all year and this jeans that there are no restrictions in terms of the numbers that can be hunted. More than a thousand cartridges can be used between a morning and an evening, with the promise, which exceeds the expectations of any hunter. Dove and pigeon shooting has […]

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Shooting locations and dogs

In La Gaviota Lodge, the adventure that never ends commences in one of the best places for wing shooting in South America, along with the experienced team of guides and their competent Pointers and Brittany Spaniels. In one morning, each hunter will have some 50 partridge flights and the nearby roosts ensure more than one […]

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The paradise of wingshooting

The continent of South America is the premium destination for best wing shooting the world knows. A true "Mecca" of sorts for shooting at featured destinations in Uruguay.